In all journals, peer reviewing aims to ensure the integrity and validity of research findings; the process used by all serious journals to reach those findings is rigorous. The submission review process is the main check we have to ensure that new scientific knowledge being published is honest, accurate, ethical, and of value. In effect, it acts as a measure of quality assurance and ‘certifies’ the new knowledge.

The journals of the ISI go a step beyond this. We ask our reviewers and editors to be coaches and guides to the authors. We use the paper review process to support authors by providing them with mentoring suggestions on ways to improve their work. We do this by packaging constructive and informed feedback using best practices methods on managing gleaned from the literature. For example, our suggestions are do-able and concrete. We treat authors with respect.

As an Editor, you play the central role in managing the review process, using your reviewers’ comments and suggestions to synthesize and compose wording designed to guide the author on ways to improve the submission. Your task is to provide this mentorship for all authors, whether or not you recommend to the Editor-in-Chief to progress their submissions toward publication.