When the paper needs no further work, use the ‘Step 3 Final Acceptance Letter – ONLY for FINAL, camera-ready formatted copy with author bios and photos’ template. The wording in this template congratulates the author and provides information about the publishing process. Then select the ‘Accept’ button in the dialogue box as your recommendation.

NEVER accept a paper until you have read it and thoroughly checked it to ensure that it meets the four conditions above. Once you click the ‘accept for publication’ button, the system moves the paper, and the author can no longer make changes to it.

Once you accept a paper (and the Editor-in-Chief approves your recommendation), the paper moves on to the publisher’s queue. The publisher reviews the paper and checks if it is ready for publication. She may contact the authors directly to check on or ask for information, such as references. It is not her job to copyedit the paper. Usually, the paper will be online within two weeks.