In your role as an ISI journal Editor-in-Chief, you have four primary responsibilities:

  1. Scan new submissions for suitability (desk review)
  2. Prepare the submission for review
  3. Select the editorial board (editor and reviewers)
  4. Decide (accept with more revisions, accept for publication as is)

This document has many answers to questions that you will encounter. We list at the end frequently asked questions. When you have other questions about how to use the system, contact the Managing Editor. If you have other questions or concerns about editorial policies, contact the Executive Director. Refer to to see the current Executive Director.

Note: You can find a link to this EiC Manual in your system dashboard, near the top, by clicking on Help, then the tab FOR EDITORS-IN-CHIEF. If you are serving as the Editor of a paper, be sure to read and follow the instructions found in the Editors’ Manual found in your system’s help as FOR EDITORS.